Duette® Honeycomb Shades are the original cellular shades, specifically engineered to provide beauty and energy efficiency at the window in both cold and warm climates. Their honeycomb construction traps air in distinct pockets, which creates insulation that can help lower your energy consumption and energy bills.
Duette shades are available in an expansive range of pleat sizes, fabrics, colors, opacities and textures. Innovative operating system design options such as Top-Down/Bottom-Up, TrackGlide™ and Duette Duolite® make these shades a top choice for any window, skylight or even specialty window shapes like arches, sidelights and circles.
Duette shades are available in a single-cell design as well as the industry-leading Duette Architella®, which features a honeycomb within a honeycomb for maximum energy efficiency.
LightLock™, the newest iteration from Duette, is the first of its kind to offer unparalleled darkness. LightLock uses unique U-shaped side channels that overlap the front and back of the shades. The secret to room darkening lies within the patent-pending side channel design—which features rows of specially shaped micro-ridges, optimized to absorb or deflect nearly all incoming light while preventing the light from seeping into the room.
For doors that need extra insulation, the Vertiglide™ operating system is the ideal option. It’s designed for vertical applications and uses the same fabrics as your horizontal Duette shades. You can use one shade to cover the entire expanse of a sliding door. Or, cover the door with a split stack Vertiglide shade, with each side of the shade operating independently.
Duette shades are designed and custom-crafted in the U.S. with the highest level of quality. Best of all, every window treatment from Hunter Douglas is covered by our lifetime limited warranty.

Orientation Horizontal or Vertical
Vane Sizes 3/8", 3/4", 1 1/4" or 1 1/2"
Widths Horiz. 4" - 144" | Vert. 12" - 320"
Heights Horiz. 6" - 144" | Vert. 24" - 120"


PowerView® Our brilliant wireless operating system gives you the power to control and schedule your Hunter Douglas window treatments via remote control or your mobile device, and creates a safer environment for homes with young children and pets. Learn more about PowerView®
LiteRise® A cordless system that lets you simply push up with your hand to raise and pull down to lower. Learn more about LiteRise®
UltraGlide® Features a single retractable cord or wand depending on your window treatment choice. The cord and wand always remains a constant length when raising and lowering your window treatments. With no long, dangling cords this system offers enhanced child and pet safety. Learn more about UltraGlide®
Vertiglide™ The ideal choice for side-to-side openings, sliding glass doors or as a room divider. Learn more about Vertiglide™
Top-Down/Bottom-Up Open from the top or the bottom, or settle somewhere in between, to create the perfect balance of privacy and natural light. Learn more about Top-Down/Bottom-Up
Duolite® Light diffusion and room darkening together in one extraordinary product. Learn more about Duolite®
LightLock™ Our innovative LightLock™ system, available with Duette® Honeycomb Shades, is the only system of its kind that provides unparalleled blackout capability. Learn more about LightLock™
TrackGlide™ Made especially for European style tilt-turn windows, the TrackGlide™ system with Duette® Honeycomb Shades keeps shades in place when windows swing like a door or tilt from the top. Learn more about TrackGlide™
SkyLift™ Control your skylight shades with PowerView® Motorization or manually with a hand crank or telescoping pole for hard-to-reach windows. Learn more about SkyLift™

Limitations and restrictions may apply. Visit our store for more details about operating systems available for our Silhouette shadings.


me Arches Arches can come in many different sizes and configurations, including stationary, extended, half circle, half moon, quarter circle, perfect, imperfect, eyebrow and Gothic. Learn more about Arched Window Treatment
Angles Angled windows come in many variations, including right triangles, isosceles triangles and top/bottom-sloped windows. Learn more about Angled Window Treatment
Trapezoids Trapezoidal, or tapered-side, windows come in many different configurations and angles. These windows consist of four sides with at least one pair of parallel sides. Learn more about Trapezoidal Window Treatments
Hexagons, Octagons While unique window shapes such as hexagons and octagons are not as common as other window shapes, Hunter Douglas still offers you the opportunity to cover them. Learn more about Hexagonal and Octagonal Window Treatments
Circles, Ovals We offer many versatile and durable options to help you cover even these uncommonly shaped windows. Learn more about Circular and Oval Windows Treatments
me Bay and Corner Windows Window treatments for bay windows, corner windows and bow windows are usually standard rectangular window-treatment installations. Panels are independent of one another. Learn more about Bay and Corner Window Treatments
me Patio and Sliding-Glass Doors Virtually any Hunter Douglas window treatment can be outfitted for a traditional patio or sliding-glass door, but some are better suited to these and other large expanses of windows simply because they traverse horizontally. Learn more about Patio and Sliding-Glass Door Window Treatments
French Doors Window treatments for French doors are typically mounted outside of the opening (beyond the window frame), may require extension brackets or spacer blocks for proper clearance, and typically require a 'cut-out' to clear the French door handle or knob. Learn more about French Door Window Treatments
Cut-Outs Cut-outs provide an opportunity to cover windows with unique architectural elements and are suggested for clearance around obstructions such as door handles, window cranks and window air conditioners. Learn more about Cut-Outs
Skylights We have window treatments made especially for skylights. Learn more about Skylight Window Treatments
Sidelights We offer the simple elegance of operable and non-operable window treatments for sidelight windows that are most commonly borders to entry doors. Learn more about Sidelight Window Treatments

Limitations and restrictions may apply. Visit our store for more details.


Duette Operation Manual
Hunter Douglas Care & Cleaning Guide
Hunter Douglas Child Safety Brochure


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